Control your energy spending for a competitive advantage

Have You

  • Wondered where all your energy is going?
  • Considered multiple ways to save energy – and energy costs?
  • Thought about increasing revenue by leveraging sustainable energy?
  • Would you like reduce your carbon footprint?

Begin to take control of your energy!


What we offer?

smart roof replacement program

Solar savings

In collaboration with our partners and the MA SMART Plan, we offer a variety of rooftop, parking lot, land, and farm programs!



Ideas always come first – data and analysis provide a viable path to finding and implementing energy opportunities.


Energy Monitoring & Management

This keeps a constant audit of your energy use all day every day! Effortlessly manage electrical demand and consumption, leaving you free to focus on other challenges.

Case Study

The financial incentives are undeniable – but there are deeper benefits in moving your energy management plan into a sustainable future. Recent events, such as hurricanes and floods, have made the vulnerability of our current electrical grids all too apparent. Those aren’t the only dangers – extreme weather of all kinds or electromagnetic pulses, either created by solar flare or by human enemies are all a danger to our power supply. When the central power station is damaged, entire regions lose power, possibly for weeks at a time.

Decentralized power is the answer.  Every facility or home or neighborhood which generates its own electricity is free from the threat of mass blackouts, no matter what happens to the power station across town. It’s more efficient, more trustworthy, better for both your enterprise, and for the environment as a whole.