Energy Monitoring & Management

Your buildings are an important part of how your organization functions. If your systems and utilities don’t serve the people who work there properly, you could be spending a great deal more than you need to spend.

Are your energy assets firmly under financial control?

  • Data and network security protect your energy information
  • Solar array profitability
  • Comparisons to last year’s usage – normalized for weather changes
  • Temperature and humidity in the server room
  • The lighting in parking areas
  • Daylight harvesting and interior lighting
  • The AC system – chillers, fans, distribution, and compressors
  • Humidity control
  • Water heating and water loss or leakage
  • Big exhaust fans and roof top units
  • Ventilation systems
  • Maintenance for energy assets to lower the chance of unexpected difficulties
  • Employees using workspaces after hours
  • Customized reports, coupled with dashboards monitoring each asset
  • A detailed accounting of the money saved through minimizing demand charges

All of the above are important to know when attempting to save energy and money.

Monitoring performance enables to see most of the problems before they occur and correct them before they really begin to cost money.

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