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Serving all you Energy needs:

– Energy Efficiency

– Solar Solutions

– Energy Management

– Co-Generation

– Procurement

– Wind & Geothermal

Do you need a New Roof?

Get it paid for and maintained!

  • You get –A new roof and 20 years of worry free maintenance*
  • Our partners will maintain the solar system on your roof and the energy is re-distributed to the community and to low and middle income households for a discount
  • Additional lease fees payable to you and discounts on energy may apply!

MA SMART Roof Replacement Program

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Saving Capital Resources with Renewable Energy

Roof Replacement Program MA

  • Sign our MOU and Pay the Evaluation fee of $500 to receive an evaluation on the roof and solar value to your organization
  • If approved, a development and construction timeline and roof lease will be offered to you
  • Solar ownership options are available if desired

System Size Range

>100kW to 250kW (AC)

>250kW to 500kW (AC)

>500kW to 1 MW (AC)

Sample System

249kW AC

499kW AC

999kW AC

**Estimated Area

15,000 – 30,000 SF

30,000 – 60,000 SF

60,000 – 100,000 SF

*Estimated Contribution




*    Estimations only on the dollar amount that  may be able to be allocated to roof replacement. Dollar amount may vary depending on complexity of the installation and other factors. We coordinate the installation in cooperation with the priorities of the building owner using our suppliers and contractors.

**  Estimations only based on standard design and configurations.