Should always come first – finding and clarifying problems points to solutions.

Our assessments are equivalent to ASHRAE Level II audits.

All your property, spending, and energy assets along with a list of recommendations with estimated ROIs are included in your results

  • Energy Star® Statement of Energy Performance with benchmarks showing who’s best
  • Recommendations: For efficiency technologies like solar, electrical efficiency, co-generation, relamping, smart proactive energy procurement, and HVAC optimization
  • Energy profiles: Usage from main meter downloads, cost per foot and usage for bedrooms, nursing stations, common rooms, kitchen, heating, and air conditioning
  • Your energy facts: tariff, utility accounts, energy Intensity, energy assets such as HVAC, motors/pumps, lighting, and hot water heaters
  • Potential savings: indoor/outdoor lighting, HVAC, kitchen, laundry, motor/pumps, building windows and envelope